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Nema VE2 Installation Guidelines

Nema (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) has long been recognised as the leading authority in assessing the performance of cable support systems throughout Australia. There are two elements to the standard. The first (VE1) addresses the structural and load carrying characteristics of the product, and the second, (VE2) addresses the installation procedures.

Following the guidelines described in Nema VE2 and exercising good installation practices during construction, will generally enhance the appearance of the resulting installation through minimsed deflection between spans.

Whilst Kingfix Hanger brackets eliminate the use of traditional trapeze supports, the guidelines for positioning supports should still be followed. In essence, the support system will be optimised when the supports are located at the quarter point position of each span. It should be noted that placing supports at, or close to, the joints will result in increased deflections. (Refer to diagram below.)

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