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Yes, the laddertray Hanger has been formally tested by an independent Nata Certified laboratory to withstand a static load of 60 kilograms per bracket or 120 kilograms per pair.
Yes, Kingfix Hangers have been designed to suit all brands of laddertray.
Type 1 Hanger LTH2 – suits Ezystrut ET3 laddertray and Burndy LT3 laddertray
Type 2 Hanger LTH1 – suits Unistrut ST3 supa and Ezystrut ezytray
No, the hanger comes fully assembled and just needs to be attached to the threaded rod.
Yes, provided the product has been properly engineered and tested for use in this configuration.  Kingfix can provide independent test data from a NATA approved Laboratory to verify the hanger performance in this application.  Furthermore, a typical drawing outlining this method of supporting a tray is even contained within the Nema VE2 technical specification.
The hangers have been designed to provide a 60kg static load per bracket, or 120kg per set. This means you could place the brackets at a 3.0 metre spacing, and load the laddertray’s to 35kg per metre which is consistent with the published maximum laddertray loadings for that span.
Yes, the tek screw must be installed to achieve the maximum reported static load.
Yes, the hanger has a 1.5 safety factor which is the same as the laddertray safety factor according to published data.
Yes, the hanger is designed to provide infinite adjustment of the threaded rod.