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Load carrying capacity

Kingfix Laddertray hangers have been designed to support a static load of 60 kg per hanger,  and 120 kg for a pair.  The load carrying capacity is applicable to both the LTH1 (suits ET3 and LT3) and LTH2 (suits Ezytray and ST3) hangers.

The rated load of Kingfix hangers is compatible with the maximum loading capacity of leading brand 45mm to 50mm sidewall Laddertray’s when spanned at 3.0 metre between supports.  According to published results from Laddertray manufacturers,  the maximum load of a Laddertray when spanned at a 3.0 metre spacing is between 27kg and 35kg per metre.

Independently tested by a NATA certified laboratory, Kingfix hanger brackets have been rated to withstand the stated static load with a safety factor of 1.5.

Kingfix does not warrant the actual performance of Laddertrays or Cable Ladders provided by third parties.  Refer to Nema VE2 installation guidelines for optimum system performance.  click here