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About Kingfix

Kingfix has been founded by a veteran of the Cable and Pipe Support Industry with over 25 years experience,  after leading the most prominent brand in Australia for almost 2 decades.

With extensive knowledge in the areas of product design,  manufacturing, local and international market trends as well as system application,  our expereince has stemmed from playing a lead role on many of Australia’s most important and significant projects including; Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor and the largest ever Uranium Mine Cable Support project.

Our mission at Kingfix is to provide Engineers, Contractors and Installers with solutions that deliver increased value when compared to current industry methods. This ambitious goal will be realised through the development and manufacture of products that are innovative, simpler to install and where possible,  require less fossil fuel in production as we help to preserve the environment.

We will do this in a technically,  socially and environmentally responsible manner,  by ensuring that our products are designed and manufactured to a consistent standards and tested where appropriate using recognised third party laboratories.

Kingfix will continue to build upon its reputation as a company that delivers.